Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Biggest Selling 'Girly' Theme

Today I want to share some samples of my biggest selling name plaque design for girls...I call it my fairy name sign or the Flowers, Fairy and Butterfly theme.

The very first plaque I created with this theme was made for a close friend. Her co-worker had just given birth to a baby girl and she wanted to give a unique personalized new baby gift. My friend requested that I do whatever design I wanted just make sure it's girly and pink! So I went to town and this is how it turned out:

The 'Sophie Grace' design has a pale pink background, fuschia trim, yellow flowers and purple butterflies.

Ever since I created the infamous 'Sophie Grace' name sign and subsequently posted it on my website the design has taken on a life of it's own. I've painted many name signs that were requested to be exactly the same.

I've also had many other customers decide that they like the theme but requested to have the colors tweaked to match their little girl's room. Well, that's my 'schtick' so I gladly honored their requests!

Here are several samples of how I can adapt this theme to suit your needs...bear with me...there are several of them!

'Amanda' is very similar to the original only with pink flowers...

'Ansley' has a white background, lilac trim, daisy style flowers and a blue fairy...

'Ava Victoria' has a pale lilac background, fuschia trim and multi-colored flowers...

'Bridget' has a pale pink background, bright green trim and multi-colored flowers...

'Emma' has a pale lilac background, yellow trim, multi-colored flowers and a yellow fairy...

'Katherine Shea' has white background, lilac trim, pink and purple flowers and a light green fairy...

'Lola Marie' has a pale pink background, light blue trim, pink flowers and a light blue fairy...

And finally...

'Penelope' has a yellow background, lilac trim, pink and lilac flowers and a light pink fairy...

By looking over these photos I'm sure you get the idea that I can adjust any design to suit your needs! I've even had customers request the fairy have darker hair or darker skin. I can adjust that for you as well. It's a very simple process...just let me know when you place your order. My goal is to please so don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts.

Next, I will compile a handful of name sign themes created for boys. The most popular selling theme for little boys? Well, I have to say it's a toss up between 'Sports' and 'Big Trucks'. But I'll address those themes next!

More sharing to come...until then,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wine Making - Our New Hobby

My husband and I recently bought a wine making kit. At first it was something we both expressed an interest in, but now I'm the one who has done most of the wine making work. Not to make my husband sound bad...I just think as time has passed I've developed more of an interest in it. Besides he's more of a beer drinker. Perhaps if we bought a beer making kit he'd be more interested. But's all good!

Meanwhile regarding the wine making...I'm hoping perhaps it will become my new hobby. I certainly love to drink the stuff! But I'll have to try the first batch before I get too involved. If it's an epic fail then I guess I'll have to find something else with which to entertain myself when I'm not working on painting and filling orders!

Meanwhile as the wine ferments over the next few weeks we are (more like 'I am') thinking up a name for our wine as well as a label design. I have a few different ideas stirring around in my mind for the name, but no big decisions yet.

But I do have an idea for the label. Many years ago I hand painted a decorative little's a photo of it:

I sold the step stool a few years back but thankfully kept a few pictures of it. I've always loved that design! The colors are warm and bright yet somewhat distressed...right up my alley where decorative tastes are concerned. When we first bought our wine making kit that design was the first idea that came to mind for our own personal labels for the wine bottles. I'll be playing around with the design I'm sure, but I have a feeling this will end up as our little logo...even if it's just a part of the overall design.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on the many decisions relating to our wine making hobby. Even if it doesn't pan out at least I'm having fun and learning something new!

More fun to come soon...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Creative Name Signs Holiday Ordering Cutoff

As we all know the holiday shopping season will be in full force very soon! Being that all of the items I sell from Creative Name Signs are custom created and hand painted just for you I have a holiday ordering cutoff.

Here's a link to my webpage that details everything:

Holiday 2012 Ordering Information for Creative Name Signs

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. I am always glad to help however I can. Over the years I've pretty much bent over backwards to get orders shipped out even if it's at the last minute. Christmas has always been one of my favorite seasons and I understand when you find a great gift idea and it's only days away from the big day. If you are willing to pay expedited shipping...or at the very least push your luck with regular priority shipping...then I'm willing to do what I can on my end. Just don't be afraid to ask!

Okay...gotta run now...

More to come very soon...until then,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seashells, Surfing, Dolphins and Beach Sample Photos

Here are a variety of name and door sign photos that have beach holiday home themes...seashells, surfing, dolphins, beach and boat...

Seashell theme door sign and step stool:

Surfing theme door sign and kid's room decoration:

Dolphin themed door knob hanger and room door plaque:

Beach and boat themed nursery name sign and custom size sign:

Please keep in mind that the colors can be adjusted to suit your requests.

I hope these help to see my style and I'll be glad to email you photos of how your signs turn out before I ship them.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Name Signs and More with a Turtle Theme

Today's post relates to a post from a few weeks ago -- If you recall I shared that I was planning to set up posts that feature photos of my hand painted products according to their themes.

So here we latest product themed post shares photos of items that have TURTLES as the theme.

I love, love, love to paint turtles! I honestly can't explain why...I just love them! Maybe it's because a turtle's shell spots are sort of like a finger print...or a two are exactly alike. Perhaps acknowledging this fact gives my sometimes rusty imagination a chance to flow a bit?? Who knows! I just like painting turtles.

These first two photos are name has a sweet little turtle family walking along the beach. The other has a cute turtle by a pond along with a frog. The second one also has a ribbon hanger which can be attached to any name sign, door sign or wall plaque at no extra charge.

This is a large custom size sign measuring about 12" x 30" and features a bunch of cute turtles hanging out by a little lake or pond...

This one is a 7"x9" custom wall plaque that was made for a turtle named Ruby. And, yes, Ruby had her own room!

And this last photo shows (2) turtle themed growth for a girl and one for a boy! You can easily see how this theme can easily be tweaked just by changing a few colors around and adding some little flowers.

So there you have it...a nice variety of turtle themed items I've painted and sold over the years through my Creative Name Signs website.

I'll be sharing more soon so stay tuned! Until then,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frog Pattern for Custom Cut Plaque

Here's a photo of a pattern I have in process for a custom cut plaque in the shape of a frog:

The top photo shows the actual pattern cut out with a few simple penciled in details. This is a very basic sketch that I will start with.

The second photo shows the pattern traced onto the wood. I made the belly/body of the frog a bit wider to even it our a bit.

I'll show the stages of this as I go along.

I'll have more fun to share soon! Until then,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm in the mood for some 'Stripes'!

Earlier today I was rooting through my photos trying to find something for a customer when I stumbled upon this nice variety of stripe designed name signs.

Some of these name signs were created for siblings as you might be able to tell because the colors are similar. The others were requested by other customers who also wanted a striped theme for their name signs.

Many times my customers will ask to see sample photos of a particular design or theme. I always try to do my best to help my customers see my vision but digging through photos can be time consuming. I literally have thousands upon thousands of pictures of my work saved on two different computers, so to say it's time consuming to find some sample photos of my past work is an understatement!

To avoid spending all of this time searching through my photos I've devised a plan...I'm going to *try* and add to my blog a variety of photos of the themes and designs I've created over the years. Then--if I can follow through on this plan--I should be able is to direct my customers to my blog. Well, at least some of them. Some customers request themes that are very rare and I might not have any photos to share. But that's okay. I can always go to Google and get some ideas.

So we'll see if my little plan works! Sometimes I pride myself on coming up with a great idea to help me get organized. But I can easily become sidetracked by something in my business, my family or whatever! As they say, "There's always something!" And I have a good way of getting misdirected by that 'something'!

Okay...gotta scoot so I can take my daughter to work! More sharing to come soon...until then,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sharing again!

Here are a few photos of some signs I've painted recently...

This wooden custom size sign was made for a teacher. She basically told me that she wanted an owl theme plus she shared the colors that she has in her office. After that she just let me do my thing...I love it when customers give me the freedom to create my own vision!

I also just finished this kids' room sign yesterday. It is packaged and ready to ship tomorrow!

A few weeks ago I painted a growth chart for a customer who had specific details that she wanted to be included in the design. Her daughter was born in Japan and she wanted a koi pond incorporated in the design. Again...I had fun with this since she gave me the freedom to create what I wanted...

My business slowed down quite a bit this past spring. I was seriously deciding whether or not I should continue to grow my business or let it die it's own death. After much soul searching I decided to give it one last college try. I am thrilled to say that my attempt to breathe new life into my business has paid off and everything is going so well!

I hope you enjoy my photos...I'll have more fun to share soon. Until then,

Friday, July 27, 2012

More of My Work In Progress (WIP)

I left off the other day with my little Butterfly Shaped Wood Sign half way finished. She still needed her decorations, her name and her antennae.

Here she is after she got her polka dots, spirals and then her name...

Next I had to attach her antennae... she is...all complete!

Now I just have to get her ready to ship off to her new home.

While most of the time I'm happy with my finished products every once in a while I create something that I simply LOVE. When this happens I have a hard time wrapping up my artwork and shipping it off somewhere knowing I'll never see it again. It's in those instances that I repeat over and over that famous quote...

"If you love something set it free."

I realize that might sound a bit nutty, but I put my heart into my art...each piece is created with love. Sending something away that I put my heart into feels as if I'm giving away a little piece of me. But I suppose that's what life is all about, right? You have to give love to get love.

And besides...there's always the camera! I may not have the actual piece of art in my hands any more, but I always have my pictures! Thank God for cameras!

Okay, I better get going. I have lots of work in front of me. But I'll be back soon sharing more fun!

Make today great!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work in Progress (WIP)

This week I have a few orders to work on one of which is for a Butterfly Shaped Wood Sign.

I always have fun with this sign. It's a bit of work because I have to cut the butterfly shape with my jig saw. I wish I had a scroll saw and it wouldn't be so hard to cut. But that's something maybe I can buy someday soon.

Meanwhile after I get the wood cut I sand and prime it. Then I begin with the background of the design:

Next I paint the face...I like this's fun to give a blank piece of wood some personality...

Today I'll be working on the details and the lettering--the customer is having her daughter's name painted on it. I'll post another picture later.

More fun on the way...

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