Monday, September 10, 2012

Name Signs and More with a Turtle Theme

Today's post relates to a post from a few weeks ago -- If you recall I shared that I was planning to set up posts that feature photos of my hand painted products according to their themes.

So here we latest product themed post shares photos of items that have TURTLES as the theme.

I love, love, love to paint turtles! I honestly can't explain why...I just love them! Maybe it's because a turtle's shell spots are sort of like a finger print...or a two are exactly alike. Perhaps acknowledging this fact gives my sometimes rusty imagination a chance to flow a bit?? Who knows! I just like painting turtles.

These first two photos are name has a sweet little turtle family walking along the beach. The other has a cute turtle by a pond along with a frog. The second one also has a ribbon hanger which can be attached to any name sign, door sign or wall plaque at no extra charge.

This is a large custom size sign measuring about 12" x 30" and features a bunch of cute turtles hanging out by a little lake or pond...

This one is a 7"x9" custom wall plaque that was made for a turtle named Ruby. And, yes, Ruby had her own room!

And this last photo shows (2) turtle themed growth for a girl and one for a boy! You can easily see how this theme can easily be tweaked just by changing a few colors around and adding some little flowers.

So there you have it...a nice variety of turtle themed items I've painted and sold over the years through my Creative Name Signs website.

I'll be sharing more soon so stay tuned! Until then,

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