Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frog Pattern for Custom Cut Plaque

Here's a photo of a pattern I have in process for a custom cut plaque in the shape of a frog:

The top photo shows the actual pattern cut out with a few simple penciled in details. This is a very basic sketch that I will start with.

The second photo shows the pattern traced onto the wood. I made the belly/body of the frog a bit wider to even it our a bit.

I'll show the stages of this as I go along.

I'll have more fun to share soon! Until then,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm in the mood for some 'Stripes'!

Earlier today I was rooting through my photos trying to find something for a customer when I stumbled upon this nice variety of stripe designed name signs.

Some of these name signs were created for siblings as you might be able to tell because the colors are similar. The others were requested by other customers who also wanted a striped theme for their name signs.

Many times my customers will ask to see sample photos of a particular design or theme. I always try to do my best to help my customers see my vision but digging through photos can be time consuming. I literally have thousands upon thousands of pictures of my work saved on two different computers, so to say it's time consuming to find some sample photos of my past work is an understatement!

To avoid spending all of this time searching through my photos I've devised a plan...I'm going to *try* and add to my blog a variety of photos of the themes and designs I've created over the years. Then--if I can follow through on this plan--I should be able is to direct my customers to my blog. Well, at least some of them. Some customers request themes that are very rare and I might not have any photos to share. But that's okay. I can always go to Google and get some ideas.

So we'll see if my little plan works! Sometimes I pride myself on coming up with a great idea to help me get organized. But I can easily become sidetracked by something in my life...my business, my family or whatever! As they say, "There's always something!" And I have a good way of getting misdirected by that 'something'!

Okay...gotta scoot so I can take my daughter to work! More sharing to come soon...until then,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sharing again!

Here are a few photos of some signs I've painted recently...

This wooden custom size sign was made for a teacher. She basically told me that she wanted an owl theme plus she shared the colors that she has in her office. After that she just let me do my thing...I love it when customers give me the freedom to create my own vision!

I also just finished this kids' room sign yesterday. It is packaged and ready to ship tomorrow!

A few weeks ago I painted a growth chart for a customer who had specific details that she wanted to be included in the design. Her daughter was born in Japan and she wanted a koi pond incorporated in the design. Again...I had fun with this since she gave me the freedom to create what I wanted...

My business slowed down quite a bit this past spring. I was seriously deciding whether or not I should continue to grow my business or let it die it's own death. After much soul searching I decided to give it one last college try. I am thrilled to say that my attempt to breathe new life into my business has paid off and everything is going so well!

I hope you enjoy my photos...I'll have more fun to share soon. Until then,

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