Friday, July 27, 2012

More of My Work In Progress (WIP)

I left off the other day with my little Butterfly Shaped Wood Sign half way finished. She still needed her decorations, her name and her antennae.

Here she is after she got her polka dots, spirals and then her name...

Next I had to attach her antennae... she is...all complete!

Now I just have to get her ready to ship off to her new home.

While most of the time I'm happy with my finished products every once in a while I create something that I simply LOVE. When this happens I have a hard time wrapping up my artwork and shipping it off somewhere knowing I'll never see it again. It's in those instances that I repeat over and over that famous quote...

"If you love something set it free."

I realize that might sound a bit nutty, but I put my heart into my art...each piece is created with love. Sending something away that I put my heart into feels as if I'm giving away a little piece of me. But I suppose that's what life is all about, right? You have to give love to get love.

And besides...there's always the camera! I may not have the actual piece of art in my hands any more, but I always have my pictures! Thank God for cameras!

Okay, I better get going. I have lots of work in front of me. But I'll be back soon sharing more fun!

Make today great!

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