Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Back!!

Yes, my dear readers I am back to writing and sharing my work and other thoughts on my 'Creative Name Signs' blog!

Good Lord! Where have I been you ask??? Well, if you really want to know you can click on over to my other more popular blog 'A Painting Mom' and play catch up. I've been focusing all of my attention on that blog for the past few years.

I've decided to try and get back to my Creative Name Signs blog simply because I believe it's the new 'way of the world' as far as the internet goes.

These days it's all about social networking and since I've had this sweet little blog for years now I figured I'd get back to working it.

So, I plan to begin sharing more of my recent work with you all from my tiny little corner of the internet.

So here I am world! Ready or not!

More fun on the way...

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