Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wine Making - Our New Hobby

My husband and I recently bought a wine making kit. At first it was something we both expressed an interest in, but now I'm the one who has done most of the wine making work. Not to make my husband sound bad...I just think as time has passed I've developed more of an interest in it. Besides he's more of a beer drinker. Perhaps if we bought a beer making kit he'd be more interested. But's all good!

Meanwhile regarding the wine making...I'm hoping perhaps it will become my new hobby. I certainly love to drink the stuff! But I'll have to try the first batch before I get too involved. If it's an epic fail then I guess I'll have to find something else with which to entertain myself when I'm not working on painting and filling orders!

Meanwhile as the wine ferments over the next few weeks we are (more like 'I am') thinking up a name for our wine as well as a label design. I have a few different ideas stirring around in my mind for the name, but no big decisions yet.

But I do have an idea for the label. Many years ago I hand painted a decorative little's a photo of it:

I sold the step stool a few years back but thankfully kept a few pictures of it. I've always loved that design! The colors are warm and bright yet somewhat distressed...right up my alley where decorative tastes are concerned. When we first bought our wine making kit that design was the first idea that came to mind for our own personal labels for the wine bottles. I'll be playing around with the design I'm sure, but I have a feeling this will end up as our little logo...even if it's just a part of the overall design.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on the many decisions relating to our wine making hobby. Even if it doesn't pan out at least I'm having fun and learning something new!

More fun to come soon...

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