Friday, October 25, 2013

Custom Made Wood Signs - Painted Wood Signs

As a blog follower you are aware (hopefully) that I create and sell hand painted and personalized signs. While most of my signs are usually small I also create and sell custom painted wood signs in various shapes and larger sizes. Over the years I've created a large number of custom shaped signs in various sizes and I always enjoy creating something a little different. But I created one recently that was very heartfelt and meaningful.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a female customer who was looking for a larger sized custom designed sign--about 7" wide x 36" long. The customer was inquiring to see if I could create a sign that included the words from a song that her father used to sing to her and her sister when they were little. She explained that her sister was having her first baby and since their father had passed away this cute little song held great meaning to them.

I began asking a series of questions regarding the colors and theme she wanted to use on the sign. Since the song was sung by their father every morning she explained that she would like a theme that showed the sky going from night to morning with a moon and stars along with some sunshine. This design was right up my alley since I've created several signs with that very theme. So I shared a few sample photos of signs that I had made in the past and we zeroed in on how she wanted the background theme to look.

Since the design calls for a varying degree of darkness and light I use what I call my gradient blend of colors from dark blue to light blue then I add in a tiny bit of yellow for the sun. After working the blended colors I finally got the background to where I wanted it...

Then I painted the lettering from the song. Here's how the sign turned out...

I was very please with the outcome. I shipped the sign off to my customer and while I never heard back from her I feel confident that she was happy with it as well. I've learned that I must keep this mentality in mind with any of my orders--'No news is good news!' I figure that if a customer isn't happy I will definitely hear back from them.

Well, I best be on my way. It's Friday morning--TGIF!! And I have a few orders to get ready for shipment. I'll be back soon sharing more fun! Until then,

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