Friday, June 28, 2013

Hand Painted Step Stools for Kids

While the name of my website is Creative Name Signs and the bulk of my sales come from my personalized signs I also sell a variety of personalized room decor items.

One popular selling room decor item of mine is the hand painted step stools for kids. I've painted a large number of step stools over the years in a variety of designs and styles. Of all the styles I've painted I would have to say the most popular design is the flower step stool for girls:

And I would say that the best selling step stool design for boys is the airplane step stool:

Beyond those two designs for sure the next most popular step stool is the animal step stool:

I think the animal step stool is a good seller because it's very versatile. I can use different colors and add (or take away) a variety of different details depending on if it's for a girl or boy.

Overall I really enjoy painting my step stools for kids and from the feedback I've received over the years I think it's safe to say my customers enjoy them as well.

Well, time to go paint, paint, paint! More interesting stuff to come...until then,

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